Hello there!  I’m David and I recently started a new job at Nutanix as a senior systems engineer – three days ago in fact.  After nearly fourteen years working for Citrix across a couple of roles I took the step of moving into a radically new and innovative world of hyper-convergenced infrastructure and there are some very exciting times ahead.

The purpose of this site is to share some of my thoughts and ideas about Nutanix and the ecosystem we work in and also take you through what it’s like to work for and with Nutanix from the ground up.  When I learn something, so will you.  When I cause something to burst into flames, you’ll be the first to read about it.

None of this will be official Nutanix opinion unless I say otherwise so while I do work for them and already love their, I mean our, technology I’ll try to stay as open and impartial as I can.

The site will be updated and made to look a bit more appealing as soon as I have time.




(The Nutanix Noob)