A dip into Prism

A few weeks ago I was given the lovely task of attending a meeting at the last minute with no preparation time and a 3 hour drive just after I got back from annual leave.  The meeting was only for an hour so I decided to record a short 10 minute video in the morning to take them through what they’d actually be doing on a Nutanix cluster from day to day.  Knowing the type of customer I knew there would be no internet connection let alone a 4G signal.

I could have just given a normal powerpoint pitch and sent them back to sleep on a beach (which is where I still wanted to be) but I wanted to keep them awake and also elevate the conversation away from dull stuff like hardware and storage.  Usability, simplicity and time to value was the intention here so click below and leave a comment if it made sense to you.  No voice over as I’m too cheap to buy a program for my Mac that’ll do it 🙂


  1. Dugi

    Hey, thanks for sharing – even without voice but valuable to understand the Prism environment!

    • David

      Thanks sir. I’ll add some dialogue to it or maybe just re-record something too. I’m pondering doing one on Prism Central as that’s changed quite a bit recently.

  2. modal

    are you no longer a noob, just wondering cause your last post was in march.

    • David

      Laziness and working hard… New post coming… now!

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