When you work for a global technology company who focuses on activities that sit behind big sound proofed walls it’s often the case that the organic bit consuming your service gets forgotten.  In my past life at Citrix, both in internal IT and in pre-sales, I always used to look after the end user first as that’s when things become much easier.  Deal with the human element and the rest sort of falls into place.

At Nutanix we’ve got a similar approach, even though from the outside we’re still locked away in that datacenter.  But really it’s the people that matter.

Those could be our fellow Nutants being generous with their time and experience by helping others or it could be offering our great support to customers and partners when they need it most.

This week though something was announced that really put all of that in clear perspective; it’s what technology enables that counts but also who it can affect.

Yesterday Nutanix announced “Web-Scale Wish” which is our commitment to donate our software, hardware, support and professional services to non-profit organisations around the world to make their work easier and more effective and you can make a difference yourself by nominating your own favourite non-profit organisation.  For this time at least it’s only open to the UK, where I live, North American (including Canada), New Zealand and Australia.  I really hope we can extend it if we do it again but apologies if this means you can’t nominate who you’d want.

For me this is a very easy way of relieving the burden on charities and other organisations working to give everything back to the people they’re trying to help.  For every pound spent on IT it’s one that could, and should, be going back into the charity and if we can make even a small dent on their bills and expenditure that’s a great thing.  Do more with less and make it cheaper once it’s in.  This is one of the main messages I talk about when discussing what we do and it’s of no greater importance for non-profits.

To nominate just got to and listen to my CEO Dheeraj announce the initiative and then scroll down to either nominate your own organisation or suggest one close to your heart.

Every nomination gets a T-Shirt to show your support

Every nomination gets a T-Shirt to show your support

The first prize is an NX-3350 including 2 days installation and advice, 3 years support and 3 years Ultimate edition software meaning for those three years EVERYTHING we release gets to the winner for free.  Joint second prize is an NX-1350, again with 3 years support and 3 years of Ultimate software.

I’ve already contacted Dementia UK to offer my nomination as my gran suffered with this horrible disease during the last few years of her life.

Every nomination will get a T-shirt sent to them  and I’d be very grateful if you could show yours by spreading the word on twitter using #webscalewish.

I’m very proud to be part of a company that does something this great out of the blue so please join me in making a Web-Scale Wish.