MAWAGEDearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two former foes.  Through the church of Dell and the readings of the Nutanix Bible we bring together Citrix and VMware who, after many years of agreeing to disagree, have found a common ground from where both can smooth their once choppy waters.

While both of our (possibly unaware) fiancees argue and bicker at times, they crave the same things in life; happiness, prosperity, a more simple existence and one that extends further than before, and I’m pleased to announce the nuptials appear to be well under way.  Even if they’ve been mailed in rather than being completed in person.

In case you weren’t already aware Dell signed an OEM agreement with Nutanix to ship a new range of servers, powered by our software, called the XC Series starting in November this year.  For me this is really great as Dell has a huge reach and dependable name and for them to take on a reletively young upstart such as ourselves to lead their own charge into the hyper-converged world, it is a real tip of the cap to what we’ve done so far.  But anyway, back to the chapel…

Today a couple of blogs came out from Citrix and VMware praising the new XC which is odd on a few of levels but very pleasing on many more.  You see from the Citrix side of the church they have some really good things to say:

citrix-580x224_tcm21-26525“the new Dell XC Series of web-scale converged appliances combines server and storage hardware technology with Nutanix software-defined storage into a single chassis”


OK, we’re much more than just SDS, and I’ll let that go, but look at what VMware are saying too:

vmware-logo“The world’s most widely deployed, feature-rich, software-defined platform for server, network and storage virtualization”


Now that’s more like it! Nutanix is the most widely deployed software defined platform in the world and it’s great to see our friends at VMware and Citrix putting us up so high on their guest list on such a special occasion.  VMware are also kind enough to ask “So what makes this solution better than the alternatives?” Lots, actually :o)

But what about the other most important guests at this gathering?  You know, the ones who actually buy and implement all this technology?  That would be you then, dear reader.  What do you get out of all of this?

Again both Citrix and VMware see the value of Dell servers powered by Nutanix.  Check out these examples of the spooky love-birds almost finishing each others sentences (awwww!):

Predictable performance with scaleFaster time to value, with a streamlined process, from design, to ordering, to install/provision…Simplified, unified manageability across every layer in the solution, spanning data center to end-point”

VMware on the Dell XC

“As simple and fast to purchase and deploy as Dell laptops; you can get the maximum number of seats up and running in a matter of hours instead of days….Predictable scaling…This lets you grow incrementally…add additional units to increase seats or scale up to a different configuration to increase performance….Monitor and manage…through a unified management console.”

Citrix on the Dell XC

It all sounds like they’ve been wanting the same thing all along, don’t you think?  In fact it’s the same thing all our customers have been doing for many years now; a simple, scalable, high performance platform for all their virtualisation needs.

Read more about the new Dell XC here and take a look at the blog posts from Citrix and VMware while you’re at it.  Is there finally a common ground for these both to work towards?  It certainly seems that way.

Oh and if you want to know more about the vows they’re all taking just have a look through the Nutanix Bible written by the Right Reverend Steven Poitras.

Anyway, has anyone seen the ring?