Hello I’m David and I work for Nutanix.  Bet that comes as a shock.  I started working here in June 2014 after 13-and-a-bit years at Citrix split between six years working in internal IT supporting the EMEA business and another seven working as a pre-sales Systems Engineer.

I moved by chance (invitation to steak, Nutanix rep on the email) but after seeing the technology Nutanix had to offer and then being asked shortly afterwards if I knew of anyone that’d be interested in joining I said “sure, let’s have a chat.”

I’m here to give my thoughts on Nutanix and the various parts it touches.

I’m a noob and the chances are you are too so lets figure this hyper-convergence stuff out together.



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  1. Dugi

    Will be your best decision to be part of the Nutanix – future of the DataCenters!
    Enjoy …!

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