Bluff your way through Noobism with these informative people.  Many are independent from Nutanix and if I were you I’d look for these guys before reading any corporate blogs – although we’re pretty good and keeping marketecture out of our products and blogs.

Technical information

The Nutanix Bible
Everything a growing Nutant needs to know about how it all works.

Nutanix Official Documentation
Public documentation on all aspects of Nutanix software and hardware platforms

Nutanix Disk Usage Calculator
See exactly how much space is available in a node or cluster

The Nutanix home page for our joint solutions



Demonstration of our administration UI called Prism
The best admin console I’ve seen by a long way.

One click NOS upgrades
Non-disruptive upgrades of our CVM.

One click Hypervisor upgrades
Works for all supported HVs – ESXi, Hyper-V and KVM.

How to set up Metro Availability
Synchronous replication coming early 2014.  Takes less than 3 mins 🙂


Nutanix & Citrix sitting in a tree.  Great blog by fellow Nutant, Martijn Bosschaart

IT Blood Pressure
The wise words of Dwayne Lessner

Long White Clouds
Virtualising tier 1 apps?  Michael Webster is your man.  Also drive a Porsche, which I like.

Josh Odgers
Josh Odgers blog, obviously.  VCDX#90, so pretty damn smart.

My Virtual Cloud – Andre Leibovici’s blog (former CTO office at VMware but some very good info and videos on Nutanix)

My Virtual Vision
Nutanix recuit Kees Baggerman on all things RDS, Citrix, RES and now Nutanix.


Technical Partnerships

Citrix on Nutanix homepage
“My Citrix is slow.”  Not any more.